The story of Mathis Collection

The story of Mathis Collection

The story of MATHIS Collection started one day in May with a dream meeting between a young couple and one of the most beautiful islands in the world: BALI. With your presence, you are today sharing the joy and participating in the achievement of this dream, which has become our story,

Paris, France, Tuesday 27 September 2004,

It's late and I can’t get to sleep. My mind is plagued by a recurring question: Is it really reasonable to leave everything for the unknown ? Isn’t it extremely selfish? What about this little baby who will be coming with us ? ...Mathis, I hope that later on you will thank us...

For many years, we had felt as though we were in a transit lounge in an airport we had been through a thousand times. Now, after a few months in this bright town which had taken us in, we had a real feeling of starting from scratch, but there were three of us, ready to live to the full whatever was in store for us, here on the other side of the planet.

For a very long time, I had been waiting for something extraordinary to happen in my life …. Surely this was the moment, it might not happen a second time and for this reason it was clear that I had to risk everything, just this once, to find out, to go for it.

We wanted this presentation to be different, to be more personal, and to suggest to you the following:

Live life to the full, give yourself the means to realise your dreams because only the dreams that come true are worthwhile... magic is when something inaccessible becomes reality, when the impossible becomes part of daily life... until the next dream !

Our second dream already existing, it’s in the center of the island in Ubud– MATHIS Retreat welcomes you in its infinity ocean rice fields views. Our third one is in hidden in the hills of Amed at 350m high, in East Bali - MATHIS Lodge on 2 hectares out of the time - is waiting to welcome you in its amazing setting and breathtaking views... we do all to extend the magic.

May your stay with us bring you as many moments of pure and simple happiness as we have had since our arrival on this island blessed by the Gods.

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