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Mathis Collection:
The Story

An island love story

The story of Mathis Collection begins with a “coup-de-coeur” encounter between a life time wish and a dream island in Bali, Indonesia.

In 2001, Bruno and Lilka decided to leave the stressful Parisian life and to conceive a new hotel design called “Villa Mathis”, named after their son.

The start of the adventure was a challenge to combine the Balinese art of living, its traditional construction materials and its ambiance with the architectural rules of a top rating hotel.

Mathis collectionVila Mathis UmalasNuits baroques at villa mathis umalaskenanga ubudterracotta at kenanga ubudmathis lodge amed

From Villa Mathis to Mathis Retreat…

Originally intended for friends and family, the owners decided to share this wonderful and paradisiac island to all travellers stopping by. Since 2005, Lilka and Bruno welcome you with open arms and you will feel as welcome as close friends. Word-of-mouth quickly spreads and Villa Mathis’s secret leaks out among connoisseurs, as a privileged address on Bali, the Island of Gods.

Willing to expand their adventure, our Balinese couple discover another gem in the Ubud area. The restaurant Terracotta and the Mathis Retreat hotel (formerly Kenanga) are heavenly located within rice fields. Their dinner together at Terracotta reminded the couple how they fell in love with the island. After meeting the owner and discussing purchasing options, Bruno and Lilka extended their footprint on the island by becoming owners of the Kenanga hotel complex.

Mathis Collection was born; A unique concept that we are inviting you to discover. Already, our entrepreneurial couple has set their eyes on another pristine area of north-west of Bali: Amed. This latter acquisition enables travellers to discover all aspects of Bali, thus connecting each night to a unique hotel, each with outstanding quality.

The travel continues!

Partners of choice

The hotels of the Mathis Collection are proud to be connected with one major tourism key player, namely “Secret Retreats”. Secret Retreats promotes outstanding hostelries in his own way, within south-east Asia. Discover our partners and their many other hotel addresses for luxury and charm.

Secret retreats

Secret Retreats take you to another dimension: a secretive, singular and sophisticated Asia. The collection of Secret Retreats hotels include a handful of selected accommodation gems, each with unique charm and character. It includes villas, camps and holiday boats throughout Asia. Each hand-picked location is truly unique but share a taste for refined quality, discretion and perfection, as well as a passion for the respect of the local culture.

Our mission is to pass on the beauty of simple life in its barest essential form, without unnecessary fuss. Our properties are all born from within the love of a unique area and the passion of the owner, each of which managed to create a unique and precious accommodation gem.

From Japanese ryokan and onsens hot springs, to Indian jungle kutiyas, to Korean hanoks or villas on the beaches of Bali and Lombok, the discretion of these villas equal their spectacular beauty and tranquillity.



Mathis Collection

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